The KaJ Labs Foundation and the Lithosphere community are building the financial infrastructure of the future. Keep track of our progress and check out what’s on the horizon by following our roadmap. The Lithosphere network’s roadmap is broken down into four key phases that lead to mainnet launch: 

Kamet (#1), Batura (#2), Makalu ( #3) & Everest (#4).


     - 2022 Q4 – (Kamet)

    Pending Finesse Genesis Collection Drop
    Pending $JOT IEO
    Pending Finesse: Shadow Warriors P2E Beta Release
    Pending Team Expansion
    Pending More CEX & DEX Listings For Litho
    Pending Litho Staking
    Pending Key Partnerships Announced


     - 2023 Q1 (Batura)

    Pending Litho Testnet Makalu Goes Live!
    Pending Jot Art NFT Marketplace Launch
    Pending DAO / Community Governance & Proposal Flow Established
    Pending MDKM Stable Release
    Pending JOT CEX & DEX Listings
    Pending Finesse: The Kingdom MMORPG Public Beta Live.


     - 2023 Q2 (Makalu)

    Pending Litho Testnet #2 Everest Goes Live!
    Pending Litho DEX
    Pending LinBFT Stable Release
    Pending Jot Art SDK Released
    Pending Ego Dex / Litho Bridge Stable Release
    Pending Lithosphere Client (Wallet) Thanos Goes Live