The KaJ Labs Foundation and the Lithosphere community are building the financial infrastructure of the future. Keep track of our progress and check out what’s on the horizon by following our roadmap.


     - Q3 2021

    Pending Finalize network concept
    Pending Core development team formation
    Pending Lithopshere White paper published
    Pending Establish key partnerships
    Pending Major announcements


     - Q4 2021

    PendingNFT DEX Testnet
    PendingMedia presence
    PendingIntroduce new token standard – LEP100
    PendingIntroduction of governance in the Lithosphere network using native Litho token.
    Pending Litho token presale


     - Q1 2022

    Pending Launch of Jot Art Metaverse testnet
    Pending Launch of JOT token IDO
    Pending Launch cross-chain wallet – Thanos Wallet
    Pending Team expansion.