The Lithosphere network is a multi-chain architecture that allows all users to create dApps and other digital assets on blockchain. It also guarantees cross-chain, low gas, fast trading with secure transactions.
LEP100 enables tokens on the Lithosphere blockchain to work effectively. As a result, all users benefit by enjoying cheap transaction fees.
Furthermore, the cross-chain DeFI mechanism increases all smart contracts interoperability regardless of the nature of the blockchain network. The Lithosphere ecosystem is very supportive, and it funds all bootstraps with various DeFI projects through the Litho Launchpad.

Cross-chain token

The LEP100 tokens are compatible with ERC20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP2 and BEP20 supporting networks / blockchains.

Low transaction fees

LEP100 offers low gas fees for all transaction compared to other token standards like ERC20.

Fast transactions

The LEP100 token standard supports high-speed transaction speeds, which makes it highly scalable.

Multiple Assets Support

LEP100 tokens represent a range of things, including shares, fiat currencies, and crypto assets, NFT etc.

Native to Lithosphere

It’s native to the Lithosphere network that has the high transaction speeds of more than 100,000 TPS compared to Ethereum’s ERC20 handling only 15 TPS.

Easy Integration

It's easy to integrate DeFi projects with LEP100 tokens. You can also list LEP100 tokens for free on decentralized exchanges like Ego DEX, UniSwap or PancakeSwap.