Have you ever wondered how the world faces today’s challenges without technology? Never-ending research and study of innovation gave us the power that we never had before. And this power is being used for the greater good.

Because of technology, we are entitled to access the news from different parts of the world. Knowledge is power, and so information is a tool. Getting into finding solutions is possible because exchanging information is made more accessible.

Not giving the people the updated information is a crime. Media platforms are beneficial as they tell us what is happening around the world. It is easier to bring all data together that allows us to complete the puzzle and come up with the best solution. 

With our awareness, we can take action to prevent the worst scenarios and grab the opportunity to help others.

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1. Communication

Connecting with other people

Technology improved communication with other people in so many ways. Our mobility is not limited due to not being able to be with our loved ones because we can now follow our dreams and continuously talk to them or see them online.

Facebooks’ desire to connect the people in the world as an example is what we can take advantage of nowadays. We can use social media to chat or video call someone.

businessman in a meetingConnecting on business

Recently some parts of the world ran out of masks, alcohol, protective gear, and even tissue papers as the panic due to Pandemic arose. It was all over the news that companies rushed in to make more. 

Conferences are possible for people from different places at a time. That’s why acting fast is given. Businesses coming up with products or services to address what people exactly need at a given time is customary. Thanks to technology.

Working from home is the new norm. No doubt that technology makes our lives secure and that even working from home is possible. This way, people can save time and effort to commute going to and from company workplaces. 

Spreading news is quite a snap. There’s no need to wait for the news channel to broadcast what’s happening in the world.  With that, we are not limited to what the tv news organization wants to show their viewers. Youtube, social media, and other platforms can be a channel for news, opinion, updates, and even constant exchange of ideas.

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2. Medical technology

Medical technology is one of the most significant contributions of technology in society. It plays a vital role in the field of medicine as it makes the job of doctors easier while performing tests, preventive measures, monitoring patients, surgeries, and procedures, to name a few.

The wonders of an ingestible chip are making it possible to view the progress of medication by the use of gastric fluids as a power source. This technology has saved lives. It is just one of the things we can be thankful for.


3. Kaj Labs  Kaj Labs apps for a cause

Never we had imagined how the economy gets through in a quarantined state. Thanks to technology, which keeps the world moving amidst the circumstances when people are not allowed to go out. Tech companies also help in coronavirus battle more than we can expect.

Joel Kasr, the founder of KaJ Labs, pledged $100 million to WHO’s COVID-19 to assist the organization in their ongoing fight against COVID-19. Kajlabs do its share with KaJ Labs’ Apps for a Cause program where players will see a prompt when opening either game verifying the game is part of the COVID-19 relief initiative. The software developing company pledged to donate 100 percent of the proceeds from its two newly released games to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.

These acts brought out the silver lining and let the kindness shine through. We use what we have to survive and help. This is a time when we are distanced but can care for more. We find ways to care for others. Because when we are apart, we come together to take care of each other.

Mobile banking

4. Bank Services

Now we can process bank transfers, pay our bills, get our transaction records, and other services through mobile banking. Being able to do it without rushing to arrive before the bank closes gives freedom to be in control of our own money. 

Chatbot quickly answers general inquiries, so there’s no need to wait in a queue to be answered. Getting services in offices, in particular, does not require waiting for days or hours to obtain registration, application, or even updating information. 

That is getting the services we need efficiently. We can’t reiterate more about how technology helps us save time. 

google map on mobile5. Travel

Technology brought convenience to Travelling. Exploring the world is made more accessible. Technology won’t let you get lost somewhere if you use google maps and other online maps to tell you how to commute in a place you’ve never been before. It can give information like directions, how long it will take, and even tell you the best places to go.

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Learn new things online! Back in the days, people would go to Sri Lanka to learn meditation. The number of people who get the benefits of such practice is not limited to only those who can get to where it originates. 

If you want to learn a new skill, it is possible. You can do it through your laptop, tablet, or even your cell phone. You can watch tutorials, listen to podcasts, and find answers to your questions on the internet.

Final Note

In today’s world, we can see the situation from far away. We can see a lot of people helping each other. Through these platforms, we can reach out and work together. We are in the stage of solving this current situation, and when we look back on this history through videos, news, and posts, we will be reminded that connecting to other countries is as easy as knocking at the neighbor’s door.